Our Products

Our products were created to make your sample as efficient as possible. We strive to improve our tools to help your needs.


Digital Fingerprinting and Fraud Identification ­­

Examine potential respondents before you engage them – are they a bot, known fraudulent person, or a duplicate? Beyond scoring with our proprietary techniques, Search engages “best of the web” anti-fraud services that identify e-Commerce and Ad Tech fraud, leveraging this information to improve data quality.

/SEARCH Features

  • Gives real-time info on threat level via API, so you can act before they reach a survey
  • Threat level score created from observed past activity plus external fraud databases


Respondent Level Tracking

Tracks a respondent’s rate of activity across the Market Research ecosystem. This is valuable because high survey volume correlates to poor survey data. Use our recommendations for flagging professional survey takers, or employ customizable thresholds to create your own definition.

/ACTIVITY Features

  • Real-time info on survey-taking volume allows you to weed-out undesirable respondents
  • Identifies survey cookie deletion which correlates with intention to commit fraud


Text Analytics tool

Measures and scores a respondent’s engagement in real-time by analyzing open-end responses and checking for proper grammar, response length, profanity, copy/paste, and other attributes. This tool simplifies a researcher’s analysis of open-end responses by orders of magnitude – saving time for more important tasks.

/REVIEW Features

  • Creates multiple scores and flags for open-end quality, allowing flexibility in setting any fraud rules
  • Effective in 100+ Languages


Verifies that an email address is active, valid, and from a domain that is actively accepting email. Helpful for removing fake or nefarious email addresses from a list.

/VERIFY Features

  • Goes beyond assessing proper format, to validate (and evaluate) the email domain
  • Leverages external databases to provide recommendation on address and domain validity


Advanced technology that allows a panel or sample provider to prevent sending a potential respondent to a survey if that panelist has already seen the survey. When engaged with multiple parties in a transaction, efficiencies created increase earnings per click (EPC) and ROI.

/PREDUPE Features

  • Tangible financial benefits from survey invitation efficiencies immediately
  • Better panelist experience creates longer-term retention/financial benefits