Integral part of our data quality program

Research Defender is an integral part of our data quality program. Partnering with Research Defender raises the bar on the quality of participants that enter into our ecosystem. The configurable nature of the tools and ease of integration has allowed us to operate at greater speed with increased confidence in the data our platform collects. Ongoing conversations with and support from Vignesh, Dan, and team also help us to continually improve both our quality and efficiency.

Roddy Knowles, VP, Research

Feedback Loop

A real game changer

Research Defender’s product suite has completely transformed our business and has been a real game changer. Research Defender’s /SEARCH product has significantly reduced the amount of fraudulent responses and bot attack occurrences in our Market Research surveys. This has significantly cut down on the amount of time we spend scrubbing out poor quality data, while also giving us the confidence that our survey data maintains the integrity to yield high-quality insights for our customers

Jason Thomas, President


We value this partnership

Research Defender offers a powerful suite of customizable fraud protection tools for any online sampling group. The team at Research Defender has been extremely accessible, whether it’s to help with the initial integration, investigate data irregularities or consult on the latest trends in market research fraud from across the globe.

Amy Carley, Vice President


Guaranteeing we succeed in our mission

Research Defender’s advanced deduplication and programmatic fraud detection services provide an additional layer of security to Paradigm’s data quality suite, helping us ensure optimal sample quality and guaranteeing we succeed in our mission to deliver robust, reliable, high-quality data. We have a unique partnership with Research Defender in which we are engaged in a truly collaborative relationship, supported by reporting and real insights.

Steve Danziger, VP of Product Innovation

Paradigm Sample

Research Defender neither owns nor operates a respondent panel or an exchange.

Research Defender does not sell or resell any sample, nor does it conduct research.

Research Defender’s goal is to facilitate high quality and efficient transactions across these entities.