Research Defender creates a secure, healthy and efficient sample ecosystem for the research industry.

Less Fraud = Better Data and Insights

Research Defender helps companies eliminate fraudsters and bad actors.

We measure respondent engagement in real-time to weed out inattentive respondents that damage the data in surveys.

For Sample Providers, we can also increase EPC and ROI by preventing duplication and helping to allocate respondents to unseen surveys, increasing efficiency for everyone.

When sourcing from across the internet, any one source can change on a moment’s notice – allowing low quality traffic which can impact productivity, financials, and most importantly, end-user data. Our products plug into systems via API, or we can build out a custom integration to ensure you’re receiving only high-quality, engaged respondents from your supply chain.

Every day we help sample providers increase EPC and ROI by preventing duplication and helping to allocate respondents to unseen surveys. Learn if they’ll be rejected before they leave your environment.

Sample acquisition from across the internet is increasingly complex, with sample providers constantly innovating to bring researchers new sources of survey traffic. With that comes a greater need to clean and scrutinize traffic to ensure high-quality data and research results.

Research Defender gives agencies the power to identify bots, fraud and poor data before it reaches your surveys. Or, you can more easily flag potentially poor respondents for faster data cleaning. Either way, you’ll have fewer uncomfortable calls with clients about data not aligning with expectations.

Beyond improving data quality, our tools help companies dedupe when sourcing from multiple sample providers. We can tell you how many surveys any potential respondent has recently taken across ALL panels!

With insights departments tasked with doing more with less, the last concern anyone wants is managing fundamental sample quality. But with an increase in bot attacks and survey fraud, ignoring sample quality can lead to skewed data – and at its worst, faulty research conclusions.

Research Defender helps researchers by identifying undesirable survey-takers in real-time, by examining behaviors including open-end responses. With the increase in multi-sourcing sample across the MR industry, we also help ensure better datasets by identify duplicate respondents.

For those that program their own surveys, we have integrations with most of the major platforms – let’s talk! If you use a research agency to execute your projects, we’d be happy to speak with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Research Defender's products available in any country?

Yes, Research Defender’s /SEARCH product functions in every country, as does /PREDUPE, /VERIFY and /ACTIVITY.

/REVIEW can detect more than 70 languages (and counting).

How do you define fraud?

We define fraud as any individual who, intentionally or unintentionally, will undermine a survey’s results. This can also include automated systems (bots) that are implemented to cheat the survey system.

How do you track and stop fraud?

We use multiple techniques to identify and stop fraudsters. These techniques range from deterministic tracking of nefarious activities (e.g., TOR usage, location spoofing), to behavioral tracking of professional survey takers. Additionally, we use machine learning, regression techniques, decision tree analyses and other mathematical tools to help us identify and root out trends.

Does Research Defender offer any ancillary services outside of fraud protection?

No, Research Defender is the only company in the Market Research space focused solely on
fraud protection and ensuring data quality.

Do you offer a free trial period for your services?

Yes, we offer a one month trial period for all Research Defender products.

Is the Research Defender suite of products accessible via API?

Yes, the Research Defender APIs are REST based and accessible with a functioning API Key.

How long is the integration process?

It depends on the customer, but most integrations occur in 1-2 days.

Is Research Defender compliant with GDPR, CCPA, etc?


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Are the Research Defender products customizable?

Yes. For example, on Research Defender’s /REVIEW product, for every respondent called via API, Research Defender will return a Composite Score that calculates the quality of the respondent’s answer based on our proprietary algorithm, but it will also return all of the variables that go into the Composite Score so that you can create your own Composite Score based on which variables you value the most. This also applies to the /SEARCH product as well.